Victoria Herbst

Prana Yoga Press Release

Wrote this for my internship during the summer of 2017 with Prana Yoga Studio in Geneva, IL. The purpose of this was to be sent out to members/students who follow the Prana newsletter to inform them of the upcoming changes to the studio (Infrared Heat).


Prana Infrared Heat Newsletter

Written during my internship in 2017 with Prana Yoga Studio. The purpose of this newsletter is to be sent to members/students at the studio to inform them of practicing yoga in infrared heat.

Strategic Message Planner for PediaSure

This Strategic Message Planner (SMP) was designed for my class' client PediaSure. The SMP was the first step in creating our different advertisements (print, digital, broadcast). In it I described my advertising goal and desired brand image, both helping contribute in creating my ad.

Georgia College News Release

This is again a news release done for class about a fictitious situation for class. Rather than being a traditional announcement style news release, I formatted this as a feature style news release. Its purpose was to garner attention to how the Georgia College students and faculty are contributing to their community in a positive way and give the school positive press.

MegaMedia Corporation News Release

This is a news release for a fictitious corporation done for my message development class. We were given key facts and quotes and were told to create a news release containing the key information for MegaMedia Corporation's stakeholders.

Case Study on Chipotle

Case study that I did for a Strategic Communications class featuring Chipotle as our client.

Chipotle Press Release J420

This is a press release done for one of my classes that used Chipotle as our fake client for the semester. The assignment was to think of an event that Chipotle could hold in order to gain positive media attention, and then to write a press release about our idea.

Tom Strong 5k Press Release

This is a press release done for a real event that happened in Lawrence, KS last spring. For my media writing class we had the director of the 5k come in to talk to us and were then instructed to write a press release to send to Lawrence Journal World, a local newspaper. Out of a class of 20 students, my press release was chosen to be sent.

Humor: Cupid’s Creation for Lasting Relationships

This is a feature story also written for my media writing class. The story was a final package complete with interviews, quotes, and an infographic to go along with it.

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